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Beginner Knitting (Saturday)

Knitting 101:

This 4 week course is designed to teach beginners the basics of knitting but it is also useful to those knitters that might need a refresher class. Whether you have just a little or no knowledge of knitting – this course is for you.  Our instructor, Suzzane Dowdle of Lunenburg is also a vendor in the store.  Her work is incredible, and she has years of teaching experience.   In this 4-session class, (total of 8 hours) Suzzanne’s teaching will begin with the very basics, such as how to hold the knitting needles and yarn, and progresses you through all the basic stitches, casting on, binding off and easy increasing and decreasing. Step-by-step, Suzzanne will help you build skill upon skill to learn how to confidently knit any beginner-level pattern.

In this class you'll learn:

  • Which needles and yarn are best for beginners to use
  • How to tie a slip knot
  • How to cast on your first stitches
  • How to knit and purl
  • How to bind off
  • How to increase and decrease stitches

Knitting 101 Prerequisite: None

Beginner Knitting Class Cost: $100.00 course fee, includes 8 hours of instruction, yarn and needles to make an infinity scarf.  You get to choose the color and keep the pattern.

Beginner Knitting (Saturday)

$ 100.00
Includes yarn and knitting needles